Shuffles Studio of Dance

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Competition Music cuts for 2020

What is SPT, Inc?

Shuffles Performance Team, Incorporated is our non-profit competitive traveling group!  

It is open to ages 7-18 that have had at least 2 years of dance experience! It requires an audition and a 2-session commitment (Fall & Spring session).

Why is a non-profit so important?

Dance is expensive, so a non-profit opens up more opportunities for fundraisers, grants & donations! Some things we currently do that are an easy way to earn money to help with expenses:

-sell business ads for recital programs
-vendor & craft fair in December
- sell Ollie's Flower Cards
-sell beverages at the Iola Car Show
-food & beverage booth at Lambeau Field!!!

Where does the team perform?

Venues & places change from year-to-year, but a few places we have performed at are:

-Wausau, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Chicago, Minneapolis dance competitions

-Taste of Shawano

-area nursing homes

-area fundraisers

-Six Flags, Great America

-option to dance at Disney World!!!

When are auditions?


Just because you audition, doesn't mean you have to accept the invitation to join the's always good to audition for EVERYTHING & then decide exactly what you would like to do. Audition experience will ALWAYS help your dancer out down the road!

If I have a large amount of dancers that can't make it, there will be an additional audition date added. The dancers from the first audition will be invited back so we can see how well everyone dances together.

We will have a parent/ dancer informational meeting scheduled at a later date to go over costs, potential competition dates, fundraisers, etc.

Yearly Requirements


-if you're competing in Mini Maxx Ballet & Hip Hop, you have met the minimum requirement for Fall Session. You will just need to take rec. ballet & hip hop during the Spring session.  We would like you to take a tumbling class.

-if you are only taking Mini Maxx Ballet, you need to take an additional rec. class during the Fall Session.

-if you are only in Mini Maxx Hip Hop, you need to take an additional rec. hip hop class or 1 of the tumbling classes


-if you are in Middle Maxx or Maxx  jazz, ballet or lyrical, you must be enrolled in a ballet class both sessions.

-if you are only in Middle Maxx or Maxx Hip Hop , you must take and additional rec. hip hop or  or 1 of the tumbling classes.

-if you are only in Middle Maxx or Maxx tap, you must take an additonal rec. tap class