Shuffles Studio of Dance

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The current “FAQ’s” of Shuffles and the best answer we can give you right now.

What’s happening with recital?

We currently have the Shawano High School Auditorium booked for recital on June 6th & dress rehearsal on June 5th. We are in close contact with the person in charge of booking, and she is at work!  But, the “whether recital date may or even can change” right now is up in the air. We will have a recital for this session, it’s just a matter of when and where and how creative we can get!

Did you order costumes? What’s happening there?

If you have been keeping up, costume fee due date got extended again to  April 2nd with another possible extension, as Shuffles is still taking this all one week at a time. We would like to reassure you that if you already paid your costume fees, they are sitting in a savings account in wait of what happens next. As of right now, I only get “out-of-the -office” replies from the costume companies. If for some reason we can’t get costumes, you will get your money refunded or credited and the show will still go on! Your dancer doesn’t need a sparkly costume to shine!

I pay monthly, do I get a refund if I decide to drop right now?

If you are paid up through the month of March, you are on target to be in good standings with us! We charge 5 monthly payments for 17 classes, but 2 of those months are not complete or have more or less days in them. We do this to keep your monthly payments lower. So, here’s the math to our madness!

We will use 60 min classes as the example since this is the most common 😉

A 60 min class is $41/ month which in the 5 months we use as a billing term comes to $205.

There are 17 weeks of classes, so we take that total of $205 and divide it by 17 to get $12.06. This is how much a 60 min class costs every week.

So far, we’ve had 6 weeks of class (that includes the Facebook lives that are currently happening). So, if we take the 6 classes we’ve had at $12.06 per class we are at $72.36. Your monthly payment is $41 and you should have made 2 of them, so you have $82 invested. This puts us at a $9.64 difference. The difference will remain as a credit on your account if it isn't used.

So, ultimately, you don’t have to make the decision to drop now or wait this out, because you are at a neutral point!

I “paid-in-full” AND have a multiple dancer/ class discount and want to drop now. What do I get back?

The “paid-in-full” discount is put into place to make our lives easier (well, Karen’s life behind the desk anyways!). We currently have a policy that if you drop a class or classes, you lose your “paid-in-full” discount. This policy will still apply at this time.

The multiple dancer/ class discount is a service from Shuffles to help parents with the cost of multiple dancers or who dancers who want to explore multiple classes when they get older. Just a small “thank you” for bringing your kids to our studio.

If you decide to wait this out with us, you will still be all paid up when we can continue as normal and keep your discounts. 

You also have the option to drop, and keep your money on credit for next session. This way you keep your discount and your next session is already almost paid for AND you can get another paid in full discount!

What happens in the future?

That’s the exciting part about the future! We don’t know what the next adventure will be!!! We may have to take a slight pause for a few more weeks, but hope you stay with us on this adventure! It will definitely be one we talk about for years to come!