Shuffles Studio of Dance

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A little more safety precautions will be taken upon entering and exiting the building!

The following schedule has been put into place so all classes are entering and exiting at staggered times to deter the number of people in the building at one time!  There are also breaks in there so staff can clean in between classes. Some classes are at the same, some are a little behind for cleaning purposes, some may have moved to a different day completely!

If you are not returning, please let us know! We will gladly give credit for future use if you still have money on your account! We offer refunds on individual basis and scenarios (ie: Seniors, you're going off to explore the world!, you are moving out of the area, etc.)

EVERYONE must sign in and out AND record their temperature upon entering and exiting the building. 

If you are sick or have a temperature, please stay home!

If the weather is nice, some classes will be held in the amphitheater at the park! Please watch for  signs at your pick up door!

We do not require masks, however, if it makes you feel safe or your dancer has an underlying condition which weakens their immune system, we highly recommend them! Please have a discussion with your dancer that if they prefer to wear a mask, and feel light headed, they need to let their instructor know so they can step outside and remove the mask. We don't want anyone passing out in class!

We please ask that people in the lobby are kept to a minimum and practice social distancing. There is a cleaning bottle and rag in the lobby, please clean your chair & table spot before/ after you leave. The instructors are already racing to get studio's clean in between classes for your dancer, we do not have the extra man-power to clean the lobby also. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Please see that your dancer will more-than-likely remain in the same room with their bags for the entire class. This is to limit the amount of people in a room & get you in and out of class as efficiently as possible. Please follow instructions based on your class.

If you are planning on coming back to class, but have a vacation planned or just aren't "ready", please let us know! We are more than happy to record what we went over at the end of class and instant message them to you! (Facebook is deleting our music, we are finding that an overview at the end of class sent to dancers via IM has been more efficient for everyone!)